A major part of the game is completing Tasks. Tasks enables you to understand important game mechanisms and can reward you with rare and hard to optain items.

Tasks are grouped in chains, and you will need to complete one task in a chain before you can begin the next. Some chains, though, have open tasks right from the beginning of the game, so these tasks can be completed at any time.

You can find all tasks grouped by their chains by clicking the Tasks-tab in the bottom of the screen.
Tasks Img

On the left side of the screen, three Tasks are shown. It is not the only tasks you are currently doing, but it is the first tasks from the first chain. As you complete more and more tasks, you will see tasks from later parts of the chains.

Task ChainsEdit

There are currently 20 chains in the game, with others coming for a short period, such as the To Brazil chains, which is only available during the 2014 Soccer World Cup.

The following list contains the current permanent chains

Additional ChainsEdit

In addition to the regular chains, there is sometimes seasonal or other types of chains.