One of the key objects of the game is to become a human.

And to do this, there are two major tasks, that has to be done. 1. Cook Zombium. 2, Build the Mayan Pyramid, so you can perform the Ritual to Become Human.

ZombiTo cook Zombium, you will need 2 Wolfium and 3 Sleepy Sundew.Edit

To cook 2 Wolfium you will need 2 Wolf Jaws and 4 Eyeball Sundew.

To cook 3 Sleepy Sundew, you will need 6 Eyeball Sundew and 3 Hypnolily. And so on...

The following table describes how they all fit together. The left hand column is the required level to plant the needed crop, so you will need to be level 50 to sow Sleepgrass.

34 12 Death Cap 6 Shroomy Tequila 6 Skullshroom 2 Wolf Jaws 2 Wolfium Zombium
25 12 Cactus
40 24 Tomatoes 12 Tomato Skulls
20 36 Boneberry
20 18 Boneberry 18 T-Bone Berry 6 Wolf Bone
0 72 Blueberry
47 36 Deadly Nightshade 18 Wolf Fang
8 108 Bamboo
42 32 Eyeball Pea 8 Eyeball Liqueur 4 Eyeball Sundew
3 40 Rye
7 16 Sundew 8 Hot sundew
17 16 Chili Pepper
42 36 Eyeball Pea 12 Eyeball liqueur 6 Eyeball Sundew 3 Sleepy Sundew
3 60 Rye
7 24 Sundew 12 Hot Sundew
17 48 Chili Pepper
2 9 Hypnosunflower 9 Hypnopoppy 3 Hypnodream 3 Hypnolily
2 9 Poppy
50 9 Sleepgrass 3 Sleepy Corn
5 15 Corn
0 24 Necropumpkin 24 Necroclover 6 Necrolily
0 48 Clover
29 24 Garlic 6 Garlic Lily
22 24 Lily

However, you can of cause get the hilevel ingredients from friends or you can do some tasks. The task Agronomist rewards you with a Hypnolily and Fan with 5 Hypnodream and 5 Transformers. The Hypnodream is very important, since you will not need Sleepgrass, if you have these.

Mayan PyramidEdit

While your cooks are making Zombium, you will have to find your way to Mayan Island.To do this you will have to build the bridge at the top right of you Island. This bridge leads to Love Island.

Love IslandEdit

To build the Pier to Love Island you will need the following items:

The Captain can be hard to come by, but as you start the game, you are given a Deckhand for free. As you can see, you can only give him away as a gift, you can not sell him. When you give him away, he is promoted to Captain. So two friends can send each other a Deckhand, and they will both have a Captain to take them to Love Island.

From Love Island the trips goes on to Mayan Island. To go there you will have to build the Pier at the top right of the island.

Mayan IslandEdit

To build the Pier to Mayan Island you will need the following items:

Black Marble can be tricky to get by, since it's on the island you are trying to get to. So you will need some friends. Also the Sea Set gives 2 Black Marble.

Once on Mayan Island, you will see the foundation to a pyramid.

Mayan PyramidEdit

To build the pyramid you will need a total of the following items

Once you have finished the Mayan Pyramid you can perform the ritual to become Human.

For this you will need

Remember, you can only do the ritual ONCE, so there is no need to try again.