Pier to Love Island

"Build a Pier to open a new island."


The Pier is found in the top of the gaming area, already in place. When you click on it, the construction for 'To Love Island' appears.

Stage 1 of 2Edit

For Stage 1 you will need

It gives 300 XP.

Stage 2 of 2Edit

For Stage 2 you will need

It gives 500 XP.

To Love Island - FinishedEdit

Having build the Pier you can now travel to Love Island

You get the achievement 'In search for Love', which gives you a brain for rent for 24 hours.

Love Island

Love Island

This island contains a further two piers, one for Mayan Island and one for Island X.

There are trees and palms for the Lumberjacks making Wood and Palm Logs.

For the Stonecutters there are Marble, White Marble and regular Stones.